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The Moray Suite

Songs and Stories from the Moray Landscape

Songs from the show

telling the story through the four seasons of the year

The Moray Suite

A collection of songs and stories about life on a farm through the four seasons. Told through the medium of multi-media and a live show which brings together the songs in a unique story-telling experience.

All the songs were written by North East Scotland farmer and musician Colin Campbell.

the moray suit


Get them up get them roaded

Caul iron

The superstitions when the menfolk go to sea and leave the wives behind

Deil Geid Doon By Fochabers

A story about a local fiddler and his meeting with the Devil

the moray suit

the moray suit

Close The Door

The closing down of farms because of money problems

Stubble Fields

The springtime and the cutting of the crops

Where I Came From

A song about growing up in Moray

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Multi-media Images

A selection of images found throughout the show